Shipping Information

Old Amish Original Formulas use a cart Sub-Total based shipping method. (Subject to change without notice)

We SUGGEST USPS SHIPPING for lowest cost shipping. (USPS = United States Postal Service.)

Shipping charge scale is as follows:

$8.00 for Product Sub-Totals ranging from $1.00-$94.99

$12.00 for Product Sub-Totals ranging from $95.00-$194.99

$18.00 for Product Sub-Totals ranging from $195.00-$294.99

$20.00 for Product Sub-Totals ranging from $295.00-$394.99

$22.00 for Product Sub-Totals ranging from $395.00- $494.99

$25.00 for orders greater than $495.00. 

Especially for small orders, due to higher shipping costs, we recommend that you do not use the UPS Shipping Method unless you specifically prefer UPS over USPS due to your particular location delivery issues. to get a US based address:

Also, you can get a USA Shipping address by going here: