About Us

Old Amish Original Formulas is dedicated to exploring and identifying the current self-health strategies available to restore or maintain good to the whole body in a natural way without causing damage to a part. We believe it is important for individuals to invest in themselves by doing research and taking charge of their own health.


We have done many years of research and encourage you to do the same. This research and study has been conducted by a former NASA Senior Scientist whose father was a Pharmacist and he saw first-hand the consequences of attempting to treat disease without good nutrition. Continued discovery and application of natural self-help are the foundation of our vision.

Our products are natural substances- not medicinal drugs-taken whole from God's plants. Our products are sold only for use as dietary supplements to assist those who seek a better life in their quest for improved health.

Neither these products nor this website are intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

The health philosophies of four important self-health authors in chronological order are given in their favorite quotes:

Professor Arnold Ehret stated,

"Fruits, raw or cooked, nuts and green leafed vegetables are mucus-less and non-Acid forming Foods and are therefore beneficial".

"All other foods of civilization are Mucus and Acid Forming Foods and are therefore harmful".

"Every disease, no matter what name it is known by is sluggish circulation".

Dr. William Howard Hay stated:

"Disease is not something you CATCH but something you CREATE". "Disease is caused by excess ACID ACCUMULATION". "To eliminate your disease STOP CAUSING IT!"

Dr. John R. Christopher stated:

"Disease can be eliminated by Cleansing and Nourishing".

Dr. Hulda Reghr Clark, in her book The Cure for All Diseases states:

"Diseases are caused by Parasites and Pollutants".